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Warrenton, VA

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Our EBay consultants are ready to sit down with you and help you make some money. We have spent lots of time finding out what things sell the best.


  • Silver (.925 and above purity)
  • Gold
  • Vintage Tools
  • Vintage Toys
  • Designer Handbags
  • Musical Instruments
  • Seasonal Sports Gear
  • Electronics (New In Box Only)
  • Unopened Vintage Items
  • Militaria (pre-Vietnam)
  • Historical Documents & Items
  • Vintage Automobilia (License Plates, Manuals, etc.)
  • Antiquarian Books
  • Artwork by Well-known Artists
  • Classic Timepieces 
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you with anything.
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    EBay Transaction Protocol:
    When you bring us an item to sell on ebay we handle everything so you don't have to.

    We will sit down with you and do a basic search to see if your item will sell well. After that we will discuss your expectations for prices on each of your items. We will then draw up a consignor's receipt for you to keep track of what items we will be keeping with us to list on ebay.

    Your items will be further researched, photographed, and listed with a full description. You will receive an email letting you know when your items are listed and when the auction ends.

    Then the fun part happens, you get paid.

    The breakdown of the items sold is as listed below

    Ship On Site - 33%
    EBay & PayPal - 15%
    You Will Receive - ~50%
    While we pride ourselves in our EBay skills there are certain things we do not accept on consignment

    We Do Not Accept:
    • Clothes
    • China
    • Glassware
    • Handcrafted Items
    • Beanie Babies
    • Franklin/Danbury Mint Items
    • Large/Heavy/Awkward Items
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